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The Wireless Standard

Otterbox Commuter Case for Samsung Galaxy S6 review with wireless charging capabilities, impact protection and total coverage.

The Samsung Galaxy S6’s official release might not be until April 10th, but that doesn’t mean case manufacturers aren’t ready to deliver your goods. The March 1st announcement of the glass-backed Galaxy S6 with non-removable battery and non-upgradeable storage was quickly followed by the release for sale of the Spigen’s cases for the S6. Three cases are already available to order in the UK, so we decided to painstakingly fabricate a 1:1 mockup of the Galaxy S6 and do a quick preview of the cases.



We got hands-on with one of the brand-new Spigen Thin Fit cases and paired it with a 3D 2D printed Galaxy S6 mockup phone to wet our appetite while eagerly awaiting the release of Samsung’s new flagship.


  • Slim and lightweight
  • Hard case made from Polycarbonate
  • Easy snap-on case
  • Exposed buttons and port openings for quick and easy access
  • Soft matte finish coating
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