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Samsung, Wireless Charging and Fonesalesman

April 17, 2015

QiStone+, Samsung,

You have probably followed our adventures on Oxford Street last Thursday when we went to check out the new Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.

I was pleasantly surprised by the looks of the S6 Edge; I didn’t have very high hopes for the edge itself, but found that it truly adds in a brilliantly simple way a sophisticated look to the phone (as we refer to it in our office: ‘pure sexiness’). The camera on the S6 is amazing; it’s easy to use (even in the pro-mode) and the pictures it takes are sharp, look clear and crisp on the Super AMOLED Display. But let’s talk business; the reason we love the phone is, of course, for its Wireless Charging feature.

Samsung has put some effort into marketing the phone’s Wireless Charging feature. Samsung even sells its own Wireless Charging Pad. But let’s be honest here: although it does what it says (it charges the phone wirelessly), is it really a wireless charger you want to use with such a beautiful phone? On top of that, even though Samsung claims their charger to be extremely portable, nothing beats the portability of the QiStone+ you get for the same price as the Samsung charger. QiStone+ never needs to be plugged in - it can charge your phone on the go, and you can charge QiStone+ itself wirelessly just as well.