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Fingerprint Scanners - Samsung Galaxy S5 v iPhone 5S

May 17, 2014

iPhone, Samsung,

Both of these great phones have very responsive and thought-through fingerprint scanners. But which one of them is better?

Well, let’s find out.

To set up the scanners on both phones, you have to repeatedly swipe (in Samsung’s case) or touch (in Apple’s case) on the “home” button below the screen. Both phones take a while to set up, but when it’s done - it’s done. What requires you to spend a couple of minutes now will save you a couple of seconds every time you unlock your phone.

Technically, on Samsung Galaxy S5 you can register only 3 prints, while on the iPhone you can do up to 5. However, thanks to a few tricks you can double that number on the S5; you just need to do a bit of research - it’s entirely possible and not all that cumbersome.

As mentioned, Samsung requires you to swipe while Apple to touch. In iPhone’s case, it allows for more flexibility. It doesn’t matter what is the angle and side of your fingertip that is sat on the Touch ID - it will work almost always, while with the S5 you have to swipe exactly the way you swiped back when you registered the prints. This issue is that the S5 can cause some trouble for people who wish to use the phone with one hand - but there’s a solution for that as well. Just register a fingerprint in a way you would swipe if you were using the phone with one hand. It can be a pain at first, but with a bit of patience the good results will ensue.

In terms of usability, Samsung will get a point here. Not only can you unlock the phone and purchase content in the Play Store, but also pay via PayPal. In general, developers can take advantage of the API that relate to the scanner in their apps as well. Apple plays a more cautious game - scanner’s functionality is limited to Apple’s own software.

No matter which phone or fingerprint scanner you prefer, wireless charging is available for both of these phones, thanks to Fonesalesman.

Both the S5 PWRCard for Samsung Galaxy S5 and iQi Mobile for iPhone are available to buy from the store.