QiStone+ Wireless Power Bank



A Major Step Forward 
QiStone+ is the only Power Bank that can be called truly wireless. Thanks to Fonesalesman’s Qi+ technology, you can not only use the QiStone+ to charge other devices wirelessly, but charge it wirelessly as well.
Any Qi-enabled charging pad, including QiStone, KoolPad, can be used to take advantage of Qi+.

Discover QiStone+
Thanks to the unique and timeless Stone design, it is more lightweight and powerful than you could imagine. Add to that the impeccable elegance of the QiStone+, and you get the most perfect wireless charging device from Fonesalesman yet.

Grab The Power
QiStone+ is built with effortlessness in mind. Just place the compatible phone down to charge up.
Enjoy all the 4000mAh of power packed inside the device to top up the charge of your phone througout the day.

Two Birds With One Stone
QiStone+ is perfect for sharing. Thanks to its unique qualities, you can charge several devices at the same time, thanks to Wireless Power and Wired Transfer. Place one phone on the QiStone+ to charge it up wirelessly, and connect another device via USB.

Key Features:

  • Charge QiStone+ wirelessly, and charge other device wirelessly as well.
  • QiStone+ is an elegant Portable Wireless Charging Power Bank that allows you to charge any Qi-enabled device on the go.
  • Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge.
  • It uses the Qi Wireless standard, is compatible with all Qi Receivers (such as S5 SlimPWRcard, S5 PWRcard for Samsung Galaxy S5, iQi Mobile for latest iPhone phones). With its 1.0mA USB port Wired Transfer is an option too.
  • QiStone+ capacity is 4000 mAh, which can keep your devices topped up all day long.
  • QiStone+ is built with sharing in mind - charge one of the devices wirelessly, and another via USB port simultaneously.


Technical specifications:
-Turns to “Sleep Mode” after 30 seconds of inactivity;
-Capacitive Touch Sensitive “Wake” Switch;
-Wireless Qi Transmitter on Top;
-Wireless Qi Receiver on Base;
-Wireless Charging Distance: 6-8mm;
-Wireless Charging Efficiency: 74.7%;
-Battery type: Li-ion Polymer battery;
-Battery capacity: 4000mAh;
-Output: DC 5V, 1A;
-Weight: 135 g;
-Dimensions: 105 x 72 x 20 mm.

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