The First Completely Wireless Power Bank



Discover QiStone+

QiStone+ looks and feels as timeless as stone.
The stone texture is unique to each individual QiStone, making it an object to behold.




Wireless charging, done right

Leave wires behind.
With Qi Wireless built into the QiStone+, charging is no longer a chore.
Wirelessly charge any Qi device with ease and convenience anywhere any time.
Make your device Qi compatible with Fonesalesman Qi receivers.



Perfect With Moto 360

Moto 360 has Qi Wireless Charging Built in
QiStone+ can charge the Moto 360 with ease and convenience anywhere, at any time.


Grab The Power

Small enough to fit in your palm with 4000mAh of wireless power,
enough to keep your devices topped up all day long.

Completely Wireless

Qistone+ is the first ever power bank that can be called 100% wireless.
The Qi+ technology, built into the Qistone+, doubles its wireless functionality.

The base of the Qistone+ can receive wireless power from the Qi-compatible transmitter,
such as the KoolPad or another QiStone, to replenish its internal battery.



Two Birds. One Stone.

QiStone+ is built with sharing in mind.
Charge one phone wirelessly,
charge the other with a USB cable.


QiStone is a perfect fit into your lifestyle…