How do I put iQi Mobile on my iPhone?
To ensure connector is in sufficiently please use aCredit card to push it in.

Where can I get a Qi charging pad?
Bundle Perks will include iQi Mobile (the receiver) and the Koolpuck charger (the transmitter). iQi Mobile is compatible with any Qi enabled charging pad, such as our Koolpuck and Koolpad. 

How fast will iQi Mobile charge my phone?
iQi Mobile will charge your iDevice faster than a USB 2 port on Mac or PC (500mA)

Will my iDevice get hot while charging?
No. iQi Mobile has been thoroughly tested and charges well below Below 45°C

Is iQi Mobile Apple certified?
iQi Mobile is not part of the MFi program, and as such is not Apple certified. It works well with iOS 7.0.4.

When will I get my iQi Mobile perks?
If you have ordered the ‘2014 perk’ you will receive the bundle in early 2014.

Is the iQi Mobile compatible with my soft case?
Most soft cases (at least all the hundreds we tested) work with the iQi Mobile effortlessly and leaving unnoticeable bump, the softer the case, the less noticeable.

Is the iQi Mobile compatible with a hard case?
iQi Mobile is not compatible with normal hard cases. The hard plastics will not be able to mold itself around the iQi Mobile like the soft cases will.

Is iQi Mobile compatible with my particular brand of case?
We have not tested all brands of cases but have found the majority of soft cases to work with iQi Mobile seamlessly

Is iQi Mobile - designed for iPhones and iPod touch only?
yes. We have put the iQi Air for iPad on hold to focus on the iQi Mobile for the moment. We will give an update on iQi Air when we are ready to demonstrate it.

What do I do when this message “This cable or accessory is certified and may not work reliably with this iPhone” appears? 
This message may appear when you insert the iQi Mobile . This message might appear on some iDevices. Apple does not give certification to wireless charging devices. You only need to dismiss this message first time. This message should not reappear unless iQi is removed. 

How will I align the iQi along the centre of the iDevice?
The iQi is hard to slip into a soft case without misalignment.
Use optional silicone dot or double sided tape provided to fix iQi to iDevice before fitting it into your case.

What to do when “This accessory may not be supported”? This message appears when the iDevice reaches 100% charged and the Koolpuck or Koolpad enter trickle charging mode. The iDevice recognises the reduced amps the iQi is emitting (outputting), and displays this message. This message too can be dismissed and will not affect your iDevice. 

How fragile is the ribbon cable?
  • iQi Mobile ribbon should not be bent 180 degrees, folded or creased. 
  • When installing the case, the port side should go into case first to prevent breaking. 
  • The iQi Mobile must be aligned to the centre of the device. 
  • If off centre, the ribbon can be stressed and break and the phone will not charge. Firmly hold the ribbon cable and pull out connector.  
How easy is it to remove iQi Mobile?
To remove the iQi Mobile, firmly pull the iQi Mobile ribbon cable from its port. 

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