S5 PWRcard Receiver for Samsung Galaxy S5


S5 PRWcard is a Qi wireless receiver for your Samsung Galaxy S5. It is attached to the battery of your device, and is designed to be hid behind a battery cover, no matter original or custom. The receiver will not interfere with the NFC functions of the phone, thus providing unobtrusive experience, so you can enjoy your phone as usual, without compromises to its vital functions. The need to constantly open up the port covers disappears as well. With the S5 PRWcard, your great phone just got even greater.

S5 PWRcard may interfere with water resistance of the phone.

S5 PWRcard maintains S-View functionality of the S-View Flip Cover.


Key Features:

  • S5 PWRcard fits discreetly behind your existing original Samsung S5 cover to enable wireless Qi charging with the Koolpad and Koolpuck and other Qi charging pads (Qi charging pad is required to charge).
  • Thin, lightweight and compact design. With the S5 PWRcard installed, the phone can fit into most cases and covers designed for the Samsung Galaxy S5.
  • No need to tediously open port covers to charge your phone.
  • Qi technology can be used with most non-metallic cases and covers under 5mm thick.
  • NFC function of the phone is maintained with the S5 PWRcard attached.
  • Compatible with the S-View Flip Cover from Samsung

Instruction steps:

Step 1: Remove the back cover of the S5.
Step 2: Remove the double sided tape from the S5 PWRcard.
Step 3: Attach the S5 PWRcard to the back of the battery firmly, ensuring the contact pins are properly connected to the bottom 2 connectors on the phone.
Step 4: Reattach the back cover of the S5.
Step 5: Place the S5 on top of Qi wireless charging transmitter.

Detailed Specs:

  • Dimension: 57.5 x 40.5 x 1.0mm
  • Net weight: 3±1g
  • Input: ≥4W
  • Output: 5V/800mA
  • Charging Distance: 6mm
  • Efficiency: 75% (when used with KoolPad and KoolPuck)

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